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Maintaining Your Home's Appliances Long-Term

It’s important to have your home’s appliances serviced and repaired on a regular basis to ensure optimal performance and to keep wear and tear to a minimum. Luckily, not all servicing and repairs need to be done by a professional! Things like replacing the refrigerator coil, cleaning the interior of your HVAC unit, and repairing a dishwasher knob can all be completed as do-it-yourself projects which will allow you to save time and money on appliance maintenance as time goes on. This blog is dedicated to providing you with various tips and tricks you can use to keep your household appliances in good shape between professional maintenance visits.

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Why Is Your Refrigerator Leaking? What You Can Do

If you are finding a puddle beneath your refrigerator, it can be a few different things. First of all, you shouldn't have a puddle beneath your appliance, and if you do, it's an issue you need to repair. First, make sure it wasn't a spill that didn't get cleaned up, then figure out what the problem is by troubleshooting the issue. Read on for a few troubleshooting tips below and what you can do to repair this issue.

Check The Water/Ice Maker

If you have a water/ice maker in the door, this could be where the water was coming from and it has puddled in the front and beneath your refrigerator. If there is water coming down the front of the appliance, or if the tray in the door is also full of water, this is most likely the source of the water problem. Check that there isn't ice cubes stuck in the dispenser by reaching your (clean) hand inside and pulling out any ice that you feel. You can also put a shallow container in the tray to catch any further water dripping out if you can't get your hand inside. The ice can accumulate in the dispenser if it gets too humid and the ice sticks together. Be sure you have enough ventilation inside your freezer/refrigerator so it doesn't get too humid inside. Also adjusting the temperature will help with this.

Check For Defrosting

Open up the inside of your freezer to see if your freezer is thawing out. If it is, this could be the source of the water beneath your appliance. Make sure your freezer is still working properly by feeling if it's cold inside. If it isn't, try to adjust the temperature inside. You should also clean the coils at the back of your freezer/refrigerator to be sure they aren't clogged with hair or dust, as this can cause a problem with your appliance cooling properly. After cleaning and adjusting the temperature, check the freezer again. If it's still thawing out and not running properly, call an appliance repair technician for help. You may have an issue with the refrigerant lines on your appliance.

If you have a puddle beneath your refrigerator, this is not a good sign. If you aren't sure what the issue is, call a refrigerator repair technician for help to get your refrigerator working again properly and to ensure your food inside stays safe.