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Maintaining Your Home's Appliances Long-Term

It’s important to have your home’s appliances serviced and repaired on a regular basis to ensure optimal performance and to keep wear and tear to a minimum. Luckily, not all servicing and repairs need to be done by a professional! Things like replacing the refrigerator coil, cleaning the interior of your HVAC unit, and repairing a dishwasher knob can all be completed as do-it-yourself projects which will allow you to save time and money on appliance maintenance as time goes on. This blog is dedicated to providing you with various tips and tricks you can use to keep your household appliances in good shape between professional maintenance visits.

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How to Keep Your Dishwasher Running Smoothly

A dishwasher is a modern convenience that's become a must-have kitchen appliance for most households. However, when it malfunctions, it can cause massive inconveniences. Your daily routine can be affected, and dirty dishes start to pile up. In some cases, it can result in leaks and water damage to your kitchen. To avoid this scenario, regular maintenance of your dishwasher is necessary.

Dishwasher Basics

The first step in maintaining your dishwasher is to understand how it works. A dishwasher is a self-contained appliance that cleans and dries dishes automatically. Once you load the dishes, the machine sprays water to remove food particles and any debris on the dishes. Then, the dishwasher applies detergent foam to dissolve any remaining food stains. It then rinses the dishes with clean water and dries them with heat. Understanding these basics of your dishwasher's cleaning process will help you identify any issues with your dishwasher.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is an essential part of keeping your dishwasher running smoothly. Regular cleaning of the interior, exterior, and filters helps to remove accumulated debris that can cause the dishwasher to malfunction. To clean the interior, use a wet cloth to wipe down the walls and door seals and spray arms. To clean the filters, remove them and soak them in hot soapy water. Inspect the dishwasher racks and adjust any loose or broken prongs. Also, keep an eye on the drainage system and remove any debris from the garbage disposal regularly.

Common Dishwasher Repairs

There are several common repairs that you may encounter with your dishwasher. Common ones include leakages, loud noises, and failure to clean dishes. If you notice any of these symptoms, it's essential to troubleshoot and diagnose the issue. Start by checking the power supply, water flow, and drainage system. Check the spray arms, pump, and filters. You may need to replace a broken or worn-out part.

When to Call an Appliance Service Technician

If you've tried to troubleshoot and diagnose the issue with your dishwasher without success, then it's time to call an appliance service technician. An expert will have the expertise and tools to identify and fix complicated issues. If your dishwasher is old and you're experiencing recurring issues, then it may be time to replace it. A professional can give you advice on the available options and recommend the best dishwasher for your needs.

For more information, contact an appliance service professional near you.